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Cold Jiangxi Rice Vermicelli in dressing

Do you eat breakfast every morning? What kind of breakfast do you prefer? Are you weary of your breakfast with bread and milk, oat porridge? Cold Jiangxi rice vermicelli in dress will be your breakfast choice. It is also another recipe of cooking Jiangxi rice vermicelli.

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3 steps to make cold cucumber with sauce

Cucumbers are very common vegetable in any cooking. They contain lots of water and tasted good. Cucumbers as one type of raw materials can be cooked many dishes. They can be stir-fried with eggs or ate directly after washing. Some people also like pickled cucumbers. However, cucumbers can be made as a cold course. The recipe is so easy. Generally, the flavour is spicy and sour with a little salt. Adding some drops of sesame will let the course smelt well.

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Cold fresh shredded potato

In summer, people are annoyed to eat dishes with much oil. The best dishes for hot weather are cold and less oil food. Do not worry about what dishes you prepare in summer, cold dishes are the good option. They are easy to cook and taking less time.

Potatoes are not only a stir-fry material, but they can be cooked as a cold dish ingredient.Cold fresh shredded potato is one course of cold dishes. The taste is crisp and fresh when you are eating it. You can cook them with different flavours, such as sour, sweet, spicy or mix sour and spicy together and so on.

Next, I will tell you how to cook cold fresh shredded potato. My favourite flavour is sour or mix sour and spicy together. For the dish, I will introduce my flavour first and then add some other flavour at the end of my recipe. Continue reading

chicken claws in pickled peppers

Hot peppers are raw materials with special taste. The flavor is spicy that can raise appetite. Generally, people like eating spicy food in winter, because it can let you fell hot and protect cold. Spicy is a one of five basic flavour. Peppers are relevant ingredient both in eastern and western recipe.

Chillies, or peppers can used in stir-fry dishes, they can make dishes have special taste. Moreover, they can be used to make pickled pepper sauce. The kind of sauce is with rich spicy flavour. Food in this kind of sauce can be extended storage time.

I would like to tell you how to make chicken claws in pickled peppers. The materials are very simple. Main materials contain chicken claws, pickled peppers, all of them are sold in Chinese supermarket.

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Flammulina Salad (Enoki mushroom)

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This course is a cold dish. From spring to summer, cold dish is the best choice. The main seasonings are light soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, sugar, and pepper powder etc. Most materials are cooked, but cold. They would be slices, silken threads or minced. Comparing with hot dish, cold dishes can make different designs. Cold dished have may flavors, such as spicy, sweet, sour or salty. All of them are easy to cook and just cost less time. The appearance is beautiful. Generally, cold dishes include two categories, meat dish and vegetable dish. Marinated beef, I introduced before, is one of meat cold dish.

Today, I want to introduce flammulian salad. Flammulian, also named enoki mushroom, or exotic mushroom.

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Marinated chicken claws

Hi, guys. Long time do not update it. This week, I would like recommend two recipe of cooking chicken claws. Today, I will introduce how to make marinated chicken claws. it is similar to marinate beef, eggs. However, it takes less time, because chicken claws are cook easily.

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